Knee Brace for Skiing and Snowboarding

Why the Icarus Brace works for Skiers and Snowboarders

Expert advice for choosing a medical knee brace for skiing and snowboarding.

If you have an existing knee injury, a medical brace is perhaps the most important piece of gear that you own. It supports your body and ultimately dictates your performance, comfort, and enjoyment of physical activities. And if you’re not already using one to get back on the mountain this ski season, we’re here to tell you why it’s a total game-changer.

Finding the right medical knee brace is always a process, but there are several reasons why you need to purchase one that’s made specifically for your knee. When you finally get the right brace on your knee, you’ll notice benefits like:




Knee brace technology has come a long way in recent years, and it can truly enhance your skiing experience. The key is to find the proper one for you – and that’s all about fit. Don’t buy a knee brace just because it looks good or it’s conveniently hanging by the checkout line at your local grocer.

Instead, work with a professional knee brace company to find the best brace for you.

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How to find a Knee Brace
that works
skiing and Snowboarding.

Luckily, getting fitted for a knee brace is easier than ever. With a new class of knee brace technology, if you choose an Icarus medical knee brace, you can take a scan of your knee to send to our experts from the comfort of your own home.

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First Scan

3D scan your knee using our app on your mobile phone.

Second We Fit

Our engineers digitally design your personalized brace.

Third Get Your Brace

One of our bracing experts will help you fit your brace, then you’re ready to hit the slope!

So, why can’t you use any old knee brace when hitting the slopes? Because they only support function at the bare minimum. Standard-issue knee braces can be flimsy and wear down quickly. Worse, they’re not tailored to your specific needs, meaning they’re often lacking the correct tension abilities. Just like finding the best ski boots are essential to a good run on the slopes, a knee brace that fits you personally is a game-changer.

The right knee brace will turn ordinary knee support into one that feels molded explicitly for you.

The Best Knee Braces for Skiing and Snowboarding can:







Our data-driven solutions are engineered to maximize your quality of life. Our current customers have indicated significant improvements in their pain, function, and activity while using their Ascender Brace. In addition, our technology is backed by collaborations with industry-leading surgeons, engineers, and research institutions.

So let’s break down the benefits of using a medical knee brace in general.

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They Last Longer.

The structure of traditional knee sleeves starts to deteriorate over time: The Ascender knee brace utilizes strength-optimized nylon for years of repeated use.

They can be Made to Order.

Unlike knee sleeves, medical knee braces have a contoured fit to your knee.

They're often covered by insurance.

With most braces covered by insurance, our clients average cost ends up being less than $200.

A study on the effect of medical knee braces shows they significantly reduced the force of impact on the knee. Pain reduction was 59% for the average reported user, improved function for 37% of the average reported user and increased activity for 87% of our surveyed users.

Not only can a knee brace help you through an existing injury, but it can also prevent new ones from occurring. It’s common knowledge that skiing, snowboarding, or even walking downhill puts a lot of pressure on your knee. That forward motion can increase the chances of your knee giving out in crucial moments and raise the risk of becoming a dangerous situation on the mountain. That’s why a knee brace for skiing and snowboarding is so essential for those recovering from an injury.

on the slopes.

Everyone deserves a day on the mountain free of pain. Our engineers have developed a new class of knee brace that takes the weight off of the knee when you’re going downhill. This results in significantly less pain for those with pre-existing cartilage damage. No other knee brace technology can help users jump off the ski lift and onto the slopes faster. This is because the energy stored during flexion in the Icarus brace is returned to the user to assist the quadriceps in extending the leg. This “external muscle-tendon system” has shown assurance in complementing the quadriceps for both skiing and snowboarding.

during and
after skiing.

Like we’ve stated early in this blog, our proprietary scan-to-fabrication process gives you the best fitting brace possible that is also lightweight, relieves pain, and improves activity on the mountain. A weakened quad muscle can make the knee more likely to buckle or give out, increasing the chances of a dangerous fall. In addition, the lack of mobility due to a disease or injury can result in muscle wasting. The Icarus brace generates a force that opposes the bending of the knee, taking some weight off the quadriceps. This stabilizes the knee and can give the user better protection and may help prevent a dangerous fall.

for more hours
on the mountain.

Most knee braces used post-operatively are “immobilizing” and are not appropriate for helping the patient gain range of motion. The variable-tension system on the Icarus brace can immobilize the joint at a high-tension setting and can protect the knee while gradually decreasing the tension and assistance level. In addition, the Icarus brace stabilizes the joint, and the tensioning mechanism allows you to modify the amount of assistance to keep you on the mountain for more runs.

So there you have it, the three benefits of using a medical knee-brace for skiing and snowboarding this season. It all comes down to protecting yourself with a brace like The Icarus brace that can help support your knee. Let our custom; lightweight knee brace get you back to doing what you love. Please reach out to us with any questions or comments or leave them in the comments below. See you all on the mountain!