xray picture of a person running with a red pain marker on the knee
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What’s The Best Knee Brace for Pain?

Knee pain caused by injury or arthritis can be incredibly debilitating. In some instances, knee pain can entirely prevent individuals from carrying out their normal daily activities. Fortunately, research has repeatedly shown knee braces effectively decrease pain and joint stiffness. Knee braces also offer secondary health benefits, such as a …

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skier quickly descending on a snowy mountain with a clear blue sky behind

Should I Use a Knee Brace for Skiing?

Knee injuries from skiing are common during the winter season. According to research from the University of Vermont School of Medicine, an estimated 17,500 skiers tear an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) every year; and thousands more sustain some other type of knee injury while skiing. If you plan on hitting …

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medical gloved hand with a syringe and thumb on the stopper

Functions & Types of Knee Injections

Knee pain caused by injury or arthritis is uncomfortable and can significantly limit your ability to carry out your normal daily activities. If regular treatment is ineffective, several knee injections can help alleviate knee pain and restore mobility.  This article describes all the various knee injections available to those who …

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man in athletic clothes crouching down to tie his shoes in a city

Should You Be Running With a Knee Brace?

If you run or participate in any athletic activity, you’ve probably dealt with a knee injury before. In fact, recent statistics estimate that a whopping 50 percent of regular runners are hurt each year. Runners who have sustained a recent knee injury or experience discomfort when running will likely benefit …

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