How to Treat Quadricep Weakness

The quadriceps, located on the front of the thigh, are critical muscles that are used for various daily actions such as walking, running, standing, and climbing. However, when these muscles weaken, it can lead to significant limitations in overall mobility and function. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the ...
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man snowboarding

Benefits of a Knee Brace for Snowboarders

As a snowboarder, you likely realize the unique challenges and stressors that your body face, especially for those who prefer more demanding slopes. In this blog post, we delve into the world of snowboarding and how knee braces can help protect snowboarders knees from unnecessary damage. Understanding the Strain on ...
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motocross rider jumping over a valley
Knee Brace Education

Who Should Use a Motocross Knee Brace?

Motocross is a thrilling sport, with its heart-pounding high-speed and tight turns, however; this places significant stress on riders bodies. Amid the exhilaration whilst being on the track, the risk of injury looms. This article will delve into the use case and target audience for motocross knee braces, covering everything ...
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In the News

Charlottesville’s Inaugural Device & Tech Expo Showcases Medical Innovations

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