About Icarus

Our Mission

Everyone deserves an active life that is free of pain! Our engineers have developed a new class of knee brace that literally takes weight off of the knee. This results in significantly less pain for those with cartilage damage.

Our proprietary scan-to-fabrication process gives you the best fitting brace possible that is also lightweight, relieves pain and improves activity. Effectiveness, ethics, and customer satisfaction drives the Icarus approach. We build effective products that help people. We build relationships with honesty and integrity.

Dave's Story

Due to a significant knee injury and multiple surgeries, Dave Johnson was told by experts that he would need to have his knee joint replaced. While researching the procedure, Dave discovered that the materials used in the implants had a limited life span and wore out sooner on younger, more active patients. Faced with a highly invasive surgery and only in his 30’s, Dave realized he could possibly need two or three more procedures as he aged with no assurances that he would be able to walk in his 60’s.


Icarus is seeking impact-focused and energized innovators in engineering and sales.

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