William O. Tynes

Roanoke, VA

“Since receiving my Icarus knee braces for both left and right knees; the bone-on-bone contact is much less now, and pain has decreased. I still have knee pain at nights while in bed, otherwise the Icarus knee braces have been a Godsend for me to have and lessen my knee pain.  I thank the makers of Icarus Braces, and I hope it helps others as much as it has helped me.”

Michael Challand

Nacogdoches, TX

“It blew my mind how a simple iPhone scan could create a brace that fits so perfectly. The pain isn’t 100% gone yet, but it is more of an ache than it is a pain which is a big improvement. I am very pleased.”

Stephan V.

Arlington, TX

“I am very happy with the Icarus Brace. This is my first custom fit brace. It has got me up and walking and climbing into trucks, and my pain level is down. it is worth every penny I spent on it. Also, the customer service is out of this world. Thank you.”

Stephan V - Leg Press Photo

Erica V M Drolet

Summerville, SC

“My husband has been wearing Icarus knee braces for about 9 months and I can see a huge difference in his balance. When he first started wearing them it was just for when he was active in sports. We started to notice that his knees would buckle underneath him and he would almost fall. He now wears the knee braces daily and has been for a little while. These braces not only help with his balance but also any discomfort that he may have. I highly recommend the Icarus knee braces for anyone with knee issues.”

Carrie McGowan

Charlottesville, VA

“I love how springy it is. It really helps stabilize my knee and I don’t feel anymore pain. It’s way lighter and more comfortable than the brace my doctor gave me.”

Rob Archer

Charlottesville, VA

“There’s good and bad about the brace: the good thing is that I don’t feel any knee pain. The bad part is that now I need you to make me another one for my left knee!”

Elizabeth Stewart

Monet, MO

“We are very pleased and thankful for the guys at Icarus for building a brace for our son’s leg. The brace has been an actual life changer for Tim’s daily life concerning his knee pain. We were impressed with their helpfulness and their knowledge concerning his needs. They were able to be contacted by phone and answered questions and really seemed to care about the need we had.We’d recommend them to anyone needing a specialized brace. Our son is now using his second brace from Icarus and if need be the third one will come from them too. Thanks to Icarus from the Stewarts in Missouri!!!!”

Katherine Adams

Fredericksburg, VA

“I’ve gone the gambit of braces… big, bulky, hot, uncomfortable braces. I’ve tried injections and shots, Motrin, naproxen, Voltaren gel. And everything seemed to kind of die off… it worked for a little bit, but never long term. I was seen by a wonderful doctor at the Richmond VA Clinic. And he understood that my desire was never to be constantly on medication. I really do appreciate him… and very much, because it was the beginning of trying out the Icarus brace. The Ascender knee brace helped me regain my independence, which then helped me regain my life.”

Kat Adams - Diving

Elyssa Berry

Wild Rose, WI

“I have nerve pain and instability in my left leg. When I started wearing my brace, I noticed my pain disappear almost instantly. Now I wear my brace almost every day and my knee doesn’t give out anymore. Thank you for making a brace that actually works.”

Brad W.

Oakland, NJ

“I think it’s a great product, and it’s really helped me out tremendously with my knee pain. As of now, I am postponing my knee surgery indefinitely!”

Susanne Epson

Durango, CO

“This knee brace is absolutely amazing… it has completely changed my life, and that is an understatement.”

Tom Atwood

North Swanzey, NH

“This is great! When my knee got worse, I was told to wear my ACL/meniscus brace, but that created issues with my mobility. The Ascender has completely resolved that, and on days with stiffness, it is much more functional and helps me to move and loosen up. Because of this, my muscle has started to see gains again, which has even helped me to do some activities without the brace. I am so appreciative of the power this has put back in my knee. I have a loose body, which moves at times and creates pain. Sometimes they take a while to move back into a ‘comfortable place. ‘Using this brace while biking or walking, helps to get it back in place sooner than without. 10 out of 10, would recommend. Excited to try this while snowboarding next season.”

Donna Williams

Selma, AL

“This company has changed my life entirely. I had given up hope, and now, I am back to hiking and doing the things I haven’t done in a very long time. If I had known about this sooner, I would have done it earlier. I am able to walk WITHOUT pain medication! I highly recommend!! Thanks Icarus!”

Sheila Booth

Free Union, VA

“The custom fit brace is really great! I can actually walk around without a cane now!! I am very optimistic I will get back into hiking everyday when the weather gets nicer!”

Thomas Midgette

Chester, VA

“My case is probably not typical of most users. The Ascender knee brace was prescribed for me to assist with stability of my left leg. I had extensive femoral nerve damage from EcMo when in hospital, which rendered me unable to walk due to lack of movement in the left leg along with extreme muscle atrophy. As the muscle has improved over time, so has the nerve damage, but not as fast. I’m still a year out from when the doctors believe my nerve recovery will be. The Ascender knee brace provides my knee the stability I need to avoid buckling and collapsing when I am walking. Walking unassisted, which 6 months ago I was unable to do!! I have progressed from wheelchair to now walking 2+ miles 5x a week at just under 3mph. A neurologist going over the EMG results of my case exclaimed to the PA “he’s WALKING?!?!?” Once I received my brace, the PTs at Sheltering Arms said they felt comfortable with me returning to my own place, living independently. My sisters have appreciated having me back on my own, almost as much as I have. :)”


Scranton, PA

“I think this is a great company and the customer service is fantastic. If anyone is in need of a good knee brace this should be the place to go. The brace is built out of great material. Unfortunately I have to get my knee replaced but if my doctor recommends a brace for my rehabilitation I will definitely be using this one.”

James Cimino

Rochester, NY

“I absolutely love the brace. It’s a real marvel and a great product.”

Cynthia Obenschain

Waynesboro, VA

“Gracie’s brace came today! We took it straight out the box and went right to the ball field, despite knowing she might not even be adjusted to it enough to really wear. Well, she put it one and ran the bases like a champion!!! It is the first time in MONTHS I have been able to see my daughter run without being in excruciating pain. The smile on her face tells the rest!!!!! Thank you for making it possible for Gracie to continue with softball, almost pain free!”
Gracie Obenshain Photo

Clyde Morris

Gainesville, GA

“The brace is a huge help and I notice the biggest difference is on the stairs and when standing up. The brace got me my ability to be active back!! It also helped to heal my underlying hamstring injury and I was even able to go on vacation! I am fully active, which I could never have done without this brace. The brace is very nicely designed and put together!”