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Knee Immobilizer vs. Knee Brace

Two primary choices for supporting and stabilizing the knee joint are a knee immobilizer and knee brace. Although these supports may appear identical at first glance, they serve different purposes and have distinct characteristics. In this post, we will analyze knee immobilizers and knee braces in terms of their applications, features, advantages, and disadvantages. We will also compare the two ...
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Icarus medical knee brace
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OTS vs. Custom Ascender Knee Brace

Are you ready to take the next step forward in getting your Ascender knee brace, but having trouble deciding which one is best for you? Let’s look at the difference between the two versions of the Ascender and break down why you may choose one over the other.  Custom-Fabricated Ascender Knee Brace Have you had trouble with past knee braces ...
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How To Put on An Icarus Ascender Medical Knee Brace

Expert advice for putting on a medical knee brace, wearing a knee brace comfortably, and how best to protect yourself from future injury. Whether you’ve just bought your first medical knee brace or you’re doing some research before you make a purchase, knowing how to put on a knee brace properly and how you can use it to protect yourself ...
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