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Skiing Without Knee Pain

Sophie, 22, thought that her knee injury would keep her from ever skiing again. As an avid skier and athlete her whole life, this has been an important part of who she is and how she lives an exciting, active lifestyle. Sophie graduated from the University of Virginia in the winter of 2020 with a major in biology, on a ...
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What’s the Best Custom Knee Brace?

Young and old alike, millions of Americans suffer from knee pain, which is often treated with knee braces. Knee braces are comfortable, easy to find, and affordable. The question is, do they help? In the opinion of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Behr, wearing a knee brace has two primary advantages: Structural Support Pain Relief Whether you have osteoarthritis, quadriceps weakness, ...
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How To Put on An Icarus Ascender Medical Knee Brace

Expert advice for putting on a medical knee brace, wearing a knee brace comfortably, and how best to protect yourself from future injury. Whether you’ve just bought your first medical knee brace or you’re doing some research before you make a purchase, knowing how to put on a knee brace properly and how you can use it to protect yourself ...
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