What’s the Best Custom Knee Brace?

Young and old alike, millions of Americans suffer from knee pain, which is often treated with knee braces. Knee braces are comfortable, easy to find, and affordable. The question is, do they help?

In the opinion of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Behr, wearing a knee brace has two primary advantages:

  • Structural Support
  • Pain Relief

Whether you have osteoarthritis, quadriceps weakness, nerve or stroke damage, need
post-operative support, or seek performance enhancement, a high-quality custom knee
brace is the best choice for you.

Benefits of Wearing a Knee Brace

As the largest joint in the body, the knee is susceptible to injury. Knee strain can be caused even by simple activities. An effective knee brace can protect the knee and prevent further injury. While the injury heals and as a person engages in physiotherapy, knee braces can help keep them mobile. A knee brace can benefit you in the following ways.

Prophylactic Support

Twisting or sharply bending the knee can cause tears in the ligaments that hold the knee together, resulting in knee injuries. By preventing overextension of the knee and compressing surrounding tissue, a brace prevents injury. People who engage in light to moderate intensity activities can wear a slip-on brace. However, It may be necessary to use a bulkier brace for those involved in high-intensity activities, such as sports and weight training.


During rehabilitation after injury or surgery, a knee brace is often prescribed. Knees typically take longer to heal, so wearing a brace can aid tissue healing. With the help of a knee brace, you can help control movement in the joint as well as avoid further damage to the area.

Weight Distribution

Osteoarthritis, arthritis, and other associated conditions can be alleviated with a knee brace. Getting older increases the risk of developing these conditions. In addition to reducing stiffness in the knee joint and redistributing stress, the Icarus knee brace also relieves pressure from the affected area and up to the thigh.

The knee is prone to twists, sprains, and other serious injuries in anyone with an active lifestyle. To help restore damaged ligaments and prevent further injuries, the Icarus brace is perfect for an active person.

Issues a Knee Brace Treats:


By opposing knee bending, the Icarus brace results in a significantly lighter knee. Therefore, the patella and femur will have reduced contact force, resulting in reduced pain in arthritis knees.

Quadriceps Weakness

Using the Icarus brace, you can generate a force that prevents your knee from bending, therefore relieving some pressure on your quadriceps. Providing better protection and preventing falls can be achieved by stabilizing the knee.

Nerve or Stroke Damage

By adjusting the tensioning mechanism, the Icarus brace stabilizes the joint and provides the user with the right amount of stability.

Other Knee Brace Uses:

Post-Operative Support

With the Icarus brace’s variable-tension system, the joint can be immobilized at a high-tension setting and the knee can be protected while tension and assistance are gradually decreased.

Performance Enhancement

As the quadriceps extend the leg, the Icarus brace returns the energy stored during flexion to the user. Known as the “external muscles and tendons system”, this system complements the quadriceps for a variety of sports.

With the Ascender, our custom, light-weight knee brace, is designed to get you back to doing what you love.

Everyone deserves to be able to live an active life free of pain. Our engineers have developed a custom-fit knee brace that takes pressure off of the joints. Allowing you to get back on your feet quicker.

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