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woman running next to a textured concrete wall

How to Get Rid of Knee Pain from Running

Running is one of the most effective exercises for burning calories and improving cardiovascular health. It also helps to enhance your endurance and respiratory functions. However, one of the downsides is that it can also place strain on your hips, ankles, spine, and knees. That’s why if you’re a runner, you should always be looking for ways to prevent knee ...
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person running on a flat surface with a sunset in the background
Knee Brace Education

Do I Need Knee Support for Running?

Are you considering getting knee support for running? If so, you are probably already aware that knee braces and sleeves can help protect you from re-injuring your knees or aid in treating a current injury. As a runner, you need to protect your knee at all costs. Research shows that nearly half of running injuries involve the knees in over ...
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person on a dirt path holding their knee in pain

What Is Runner’s Knee?

There’s general knee pain, and then there’s runner’s knee, and both aren’t fun. Many athletes and recreational runners will experience some type of knee pain in their lives, the severity of which will vary. However, in today’s fast-paced world, it is essential to know the differences between the two to effectively diagnose runner’s knee, treat your symptoms or prevent it ...
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person on a track kneeling and holding their right knee
Knee Brace Benefits

When To Wear a Knee Brace for Running

Each year, about 50 percent of runners will experience a knee injury that prevents them from doing what they love, making it one of the most common complaints among recreational and professional runners. You may be wondering what can be done to prevent an injury from happening altogether and what solutions are available to ease discomfort after an injury has ...
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man in athletic clothes crouching down to tie his shoes in a city

Should You Be Running With a Knee Brace?

If you run or participate in any athletic activity, you’ve probably dealt with a knee injury before. In fact, recent statistics estimate that a whopping 50 percent of regular runners are hurt each year. Runners who have sustained a recent knee injury or experience discomfort when running will likely benefit from wearing a knee brace to support healing or protect ...
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