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xray picture of a person running with a red pain marker on the knee

What’s The Best Knee Brace for Pain?

Knee pain caused by injury or arthritis can be incredibly debilitating. In some instances, knee pain can entirely prevent individuals from carrying out their normal daily activities. Fortunately, research has repeatedly shown knee braces effectively decrease pain and joint stiffness. Knee braces also offer secondary health benefits, such as a reduced reliance on addictive pain medication and improved overall balance.  …

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doctor with an ipad pointing at a diagram of a knee while a knee replacement surgery is being set up behind

Understanding Knee Replacements

Arthroplasty or knee replacement surgery is a medical procedure that involves the replacement of a worn, diseased, or damaged knee with an artificial one. Accidents, excessive weight, and other ailments can damage the ligaments, connective tissues, and cartilage that form the structure of the knee. The result is stiffness, pain, and inflammation, which will manifest itself as a disease in …

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