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Knee Immobilizer vs. Knee Brace

Two primary choices for supporting and stabilizing the knee joint are a knee immobilizer and knee brace. Although these supports may appear identical at first glance, they serve different purposes and have distinct characteristics. In this post, we will analyze knee immobilizers and knee braces in terms of their applications, …

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xray diagram of a bent knee with pain

When To Wear a Knee Brace

Knowing when to wear a knee brace is more complex than it seems. When it comes to knee pain, a knee brace can be a helpful tool in supporting recovery and preventing further injury. However, it’s essential to understand that not all knee injuries warrant using a brace. A proper …

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What Is The Best Knee Brace for Patellofemoral Injuries?

The knee is the hinge that keeps us moving and the joint that holds us back. Discover the latest solutions to alleviate knee pain and keep you doing the things you love. The knee is an engineering wonder. However, in addition to being one of the most complex joints in …

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Should I Wear a Knee Brace While Working Out?

Knee braces come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They’re often worn to treat knee injuries, osteoarthritis, and prevent injuries from reoccurring. However, you may be wondering if you should use a knee brace while working out, even if you’re not injured. The answer depends on your personal goals and …

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