woman falling on ice

How to Treat a Knee Injury from Falling

Knee injuries from falling can range from minor strains and bruises to more severe damage like dislocations, ligament injuries, and fractures. The severity of any knee injury depends on a range of different determinants; the force of the fall, the angle of impact, and other factors – such as age ...
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man holding his knee in pain

What Are the Most Common Knee Injuries?

From the young and athletic to the older and less active, knee injuries spare no one. Knee injuries can stem from a myriad of issues, often causing not just discomfort but also impeding daily activities and life. However, there’s still a silver lining; most knee injuries can be effectively managed ...
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doctor standing in front of a table with medical instruments and books
Knee Brace Education

Understanding Medical Knee Brace Pricing

A proper medical knee brace is vital when it comes to knee health and treatment. Whether it’s for aiding in the management and rehabilitation of diseases or chronic pain that impact the knees, preventing injuries from occurring, supporting the knees after surgery or injury, or simply providing more comfort and ...
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woman running next to a textured concrete wall

How to Get Rid of Knee Pain from Running

Running is one of the most effective exercises for burning calories and improving cardiovascular health. It also helps to enhance your endurance and respiratory functions. However, one of the downsides is that it can also place strain on your hips, ankles, spine, and knees. That’s why if you’re a runner, ...
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